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Improve fitness and build a better relationship with food

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Your Body, Your Goals

It's good to have goals. To push the body beyond mental limits and to become the best version of yourself, incorporating food, mindset, and self love.

At DKFitNut, I want to help you accomplish you goal in achievable steps, appreciating the little wins along the way. Things like improving sleep, increasing energy, starting new habits and learning about fitness and nutrition.


I'm Dee

I'm a 40 (ish) year old woman who left a career in finance to help people improve their fitness and feel better about themselves. 

I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and certified MNU Nutritionist and I'm here to help you!

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Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor

As a certified Personal Trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles.


Programs are individualised and based on your goals, fitness levels and training ability. 

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As a certified Nutritionist, I offer a wide breadth of knowledge in order to help you make changes in your life to achieve your goals.

Programs are individual to your needs and can be adapted depending on your requirements, using a non-restrictive approach with evidence-based methods.

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I want to help you become the best version of you through fitness and nutrition.


Learning to balance both elements and make it an enjoyable journey rather than a chore.

Building a Better You


Dee is absolutely fantastic at what she does. She goes above and beyond. I have known Dee for over a year now and have learnt so much from her and I'm sure I will continue to.


Dee is very positive and motivational. This is infectious and enabled me to stick to my goals.


Dee really focuses on the long term gain as opposed to a quick fix.  She provides a broad range of advice and exercise classes with a focus on diet, habits, exercise, hydration. I have found it really helpful and have noticed clear results.


Dee is so knowledgeable about nutrition. I love the online exercise classes.


Dee is one of the best PTs I have met. She makes things easy to understand and I really trust her. I love her personality and she really puts you in a motivated mindset. I highly recommended her online coaching.


Dee is a professional. Dedicated and passionate about nutrition and fitness.


Want to find out more about what we can do together?

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