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Fear - Don't let it Ruin You!

For those of you that don't know me, I used to do triathlons, a lot of them. I joined to find a man and ended up becoming addicted to the sport! I now have 2 racing bikes, a shit ton of racing gear and yes I found love, indirectly. (Thanks to Julie Rayner). Never in a million years did I think I could swim, bike or run nevermind do them all together. I'm mad about sport however I never played any, what was I thinking joining a Tri Club!

5 Years ago - 12th August 2015, what a day! So many emotions, fear, excitement, happiness, excruciating pain, sadness, anger, joy and relief. Completing my first half ironman (and only as of today) is in my top 10 life achievements to date. In February that year, I broke a bone in my left foot and thought my racing year was over. However, being a Taurus, I'm extremely stubborn so I didn't let it stop me. I skipped running, trained on the bike and in the pool and made it to race day in August. I had tried to run 3 weeks prior to the race but it didn't go too well so I wasn't too hopeful on finishing the half ironman; but I was going to "see how it goes and sure I'll walk the

half marathon if I can".

The swim was amazing despite the rough sea and I think I was in the top 30 women that day. I had never swam before joining the Tri Club and found out I was actually quite good at it.

The fast swim time gave me a great headstart on the bike and I was flying the first 45k! It was raining but had stopped in time for the cycle - I really hate cycling in the rain. Everything was going great! I felt I had wings on and then BOOM! The bike chain jammed in the bracket and my feet were stuck, ON A HILL! Quick reaction from me (thankfully) and I clipped out, braked and

pulled into the side. I cursed. I cried. I screamed. My race is over! All those months of training

down the drain! Then I calmed down and tried to fix the chain but no luck. Out of nowhere, one of the referees appeared on a motorcycle and had some tools to help me and within 10 minutes I was back on my baby, covered in grease. I'd lost about 20-25 minutes of time so was pretty pissed off but took on food, put the head down and managed to overtake quite a few who had passed me at the side of the road.

I eventually got to T2, laughed with friends about what happened as we changed and my mood suddenly improved. I was so happy to be off the bike on the run track however my body wasn't. It was like "WTF, are you running? No, not today". After about 10k, Pain kicked in hard. My lack of run training started to show and my old injuries came back to haunt me! I was in agony. But I was prepared, difene gel and tablets out and I managed to walk-run the last 11k. Alan said I ran the last 500m to the finish line but I don't remember. Emotions take over at that point. Relief, Joy, Happiness! The feeling at the end was unreal. Despite being in agony, I was over the moon! The support on the course and from Alan was unreal and the 3D Corner are the best supporters ever!

The mind is a funny thing. It will stop you from doing so many things but when strong, it can also push you through things that you don't think you are capable of. That day I was strong. I was finishing that race, legs or no legs!

Fear - don't let it ruin you. Don't let it stop you from doing the things you really want to do. Take risk, enjoy life. You only get the one

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

— Henry Ford

I haven't raced since July 2014 due to injury however I will go back. I will do another 70.3.

Hey, I might even place then! Aim High! Keep Positive!

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