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Show the Egg Some Love

"So the doc says I shouldn't eat more than 1 egg a day". "The doc said I have high cholesterol and must not eat eggs again". "Eggs are so high in cholesterol".

Eggs get such a bad name and it's unwarranted.

👉Yes, High cholesterol can lead to a stroke or coronary heart disease (CHD) due to blockages in the arteries to the heart and brain (atherosclerosis) however eggs can not be blamed as a main contributor of high cholesterol levels and there is lots of evidence to back this up. .

👉A meta-analysis by Alexander et al (2016) showed that there was no clear association between egg intake and increased or decreased risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) .

👉Here are also some stats from who conduct amazing research and analysis. .

🖎"In healthy people, even 6 eggs/day (the highest intake studied) doesn’t seem to adversely affect blood lipids. Some studies note no change in HDL or LDL; some note a benign increase in both; few note adverse changes in lipoprotein status.


🖎In healthy people, eggs have never been directly associated with an increase in cardiovascular risk — such an increase was merely assumed from an increase in circulating cholesterol.


🖎In unhealthy people, 1–4 eggs/day combined with a healthy low-carb diet may actually improve lipoprotein status (an effect likely due to the low-carb diet more than to the eggs).


🖎Some studies link egg consumption to an increase in cholesterol levels; some do not; but no study has shown an increase in risk of cardiovascular disease".


👉Conclusion: Don't fear eggs. There are so many ways to have them and are a handy source of protein. Eat more eggs however if you have an underlying heart condition, poor diet and don't exercise I would advise looking after these issues first before eating a dozen a day. "Eggs increasing cholesterol depends on your genetics. They don't seem to increase the risk of heart disease unless you have a poor diet.(


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